I would like to think that my smile and my energy are the most salient characteristics that define me. I always try to wear a big smile and complement it with bursts of colourful energy.
Born and raised in Gibraltar, as far back as I can remember I have always been interested and inspired by fashion in all its different forms. My dream would have been to study at an Art and Design College in the UK, but I never had the opportunity. Instead of a formalised training in Art and Design, I have been guided by my passion and love of fashion and have learnt to trust creative instincts. The pure enjoyment that comes from the entire creative process, from when I first start to sketch a design to then putting my creation together with the fabrics and textures, is just magical.
After winning Runway New Designer Competition 2016 in Gibraltar, I feel compelled to bring all my energy and enthusiasm to try and make the most of this opportunity! I don’t think my approach will necessarily be characterized by any new or brilliant idea, but rather by my personal vision; I like to mix and combine different things and push the boundaries of fashion.
“All you need in your closet is a variation of styles, colours and fabrics. A fun wardrobe”






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